Ways of Avoiding Traffic Jams during Summer Vacation

Have you ever had that feeling that everyone else is out on the road just when you want to get away quick? When we are on holiday mood we may forget that we were those people just yesterday trying to get to work or make an appointment. Because you are on holiday does not mean others stop their daily endeavors as well.

It can be a real problem to deal with traffic around big cities on your route. A simple twenty minutes across the town drive can be extended to two hours easily with congestions. Always keep this in mind and remember that you can make it easier on yourself with a little planning. Here are a few things you can do to get to beach, mountains or wherever you are vacationing quickly.

Leave Early and Cover As Much Grounds As Possible

This is especially true for people who are living in cosmopolitan areas. If you go to bed and get up couple of hours early you can get out of the city pretty fast and put it a good distance behind you when you have your first stop. Driving in the early hours in hot summer days can be less stressful and tiring. If you cover a good a few miles early in the day you have more time for taking breaks later in the day.

The idea is to get away before the daily commute really hits the roads. You probably know the bottlenecks on your route and you want to avoid them. This planning can be very useful throughout the road trip. When you need to pass certain cities you can plan it in a way that you go through them in the least congested times.

Don’t Just Rely on Car Navigation

It is best to update the GPS devices in your car. The latest navigation systems check for traffic information and accidents ahead and offer alternative routes as well. But you should keep listening to the radio or have a traffic alerts on your phone. When you are not convinced about the accuracy of your GPS you should know the roads enough to have an alternative plans.

Prepare Well for Your Breaks and Stops

How often you had a quick and satisfactory meal on a roadside service station? When you are hungry so as everyone else. You don’t want to spend your time hanging around service stations. You can check possible stop or view points on the way. And prepare your drinks and sandwiches to stop at these locations. This saves a lot of time and allows you to get to your destination faster.

Remember to Have Regular Short Breaks

The idea is to have short break, stretch your legs and refresh yourself. Authorities suggest that you should give a break every two hours. However, if you spend half an hour each time you stop you cannot go far and you may want to reduce these stops for the sake of covering some ground.

Mind not to spend much time in these stops. Go to rest rooms, wash your face, have a little drink and get back to the road. Being smart and efficient is the key to avoiding congestions, stress and family arguments in the cars.

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