Defensive Driving Reduces Accidents and Aggravation

No doubt, there are many crazy drivers on the roads. Would you want to join them or be on your guard from them? Whatever other drivers do we still have a large degree of control. It is only little comfort that they were at fault in an accident you involved as well. Anticipating them and taking measures to avoid is the best course of action most of the time.

Always Keep Your Distance and Watch Out for Dangers

Maintain your distance and you will be able to stop when you have to. Also, you will have a better view of the road and see the dangers brewing ahead. When you are too tight you will always be living on the edge and probably stressed. You will be looking at the back of an ugly vehicle all the time instead of watching far ahead and taking in the scenery. This will allow you to see traffic build ups and accidents well in advance.

Be Ready for Driving

Many people seem to take the time it takes from home to work to finish up other things. They do make up, shave, send texts and all sorts of other stuff. Before you start check your texts, mirrors and set your radio station so that you do not fiddle with them while driving. Give all your focus to driving. Get up a few minutes early if you have to and finish all you need to do well ahead.

Sleep Well and Stop for Sleep

Not having regular sleeps affect people’s performance and driving. If you have sleep disorder seek medical advice. Driving in sleep deprivation all the time will one day drop you into hot waters. Also, you should not keep going when you know you should stop and sleep a few hours. There is always tomorrow when it comes to driving. Otherwise, it can take only few seconds to drop into sleep and cause a fatal accident.

Mind the Time of the Day You Are Driving

Statistically early hours of Saturday and Sunday are the most dangerous. These are the time many drunk and tired drivers may be on the roads. Try to avoid these hours or be extra careful. If you notice a driver acting strangely, coming on and off the lane and swirling keep your distance. Being aware of the possible risks will help you navigate the roads a lot better. Also, try to get away and get on your way before a certain road or bridge is no longer passable because the rush hour has hit it.

Keep Your Temper in Check

Mind to keep a calm and effective mood. Don’t be ready to flare up like an old sore. Getting into arguments or angry exchanges with complete strangers will not do you any good. If someone is flashing at you let them take over. If someone pushing ahead of you let them go first. Don’t think that you are doing it because you are kind to others. By being calm and accommodating you are being kind to your heart. Stress is not healthy and causes of many illnesses including heart attack.

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